Workplace Management Made Really Simple

Eliminate manual logging of workplace and meeting room use. See all your workplace bookings in one place. Enable digital processes for your whole company.

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Make Your Office Space Work for You

The office is where everyone meets for work, but it's not easy to make sure it runs smoothly.


Admin managers to do more work, and also deal with everyone's frustrations.

Rooms are always used, but who's overstaying? There's a reservation process, but is it being used?

Admin managers handle meeting room booking requests and other concerns coming from everyone, and use many different tools.

Employees seem to be overstaying in meeting rooms. It's not easy to consistently monitor who's supposed to be using the space.

Safety is of utmost importance these days, but there's too much to keep track of when it comes to managing occupancy.

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Don't settle for inefficient processes.

Workplace management can now be a source of productivity, and not more paperwork and additional admin costs.

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Manage Meeting Rooms and Workstations

The Smart Way


Leverage our enterprise-grade workspace management system for free, built by a team that's created products used by hundreds of workspaces.

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Find and Book Empty Rooms and Workspaces

With our responsive web app, everyone at your organization can easily book work and meeting spaces without needing more assistance.


1 scan and you're ready to go! No app downloads required.

Reduce Conflicts in Room Availability

See every booking on the calendar view. You can finally remove bookings of no-shows to free up meeting room availability, and diagnose problems like overstaying or overbooking easily.

Your Work and Meeting Spaces in One Place

Store and edit information about your workplace on your admin dashboard. QUBIC generates one unique printable QR code for each room or workstation listing.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Find out which spaces are booked more often, and who uses them most, so you can make more informed decisions about your office and your meeting rooms.

How It Works

Adding your meeting rooms to the system and enabling bookings for your organization is super easy.

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Add Meeting Rooms and Workspaces

You can include information like pictures, names, capacity, and amenities. Rooms get their own QR code that allows the room to be booked.

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Create Schedules

Set the time and date availability for each room and change them as you see fit.

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Open Web App

By scanning a QR code or using a link just for your company, your colleagues can start booking meeting rooms.

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Manage Bookings

See all booking info on your admin dashboard. You can modify or cancel bookings as needed. 


We're offering our base space management software free of charge. We can work with you for custom additions as well.

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  • Great for small offices and teams

  • Up to 10 meeting rooms, up to 20 workstations

  • Booking QR codes with no smart access control

  • Web app

  • Admin system with basic analytics       


  • Best for enterprises and large teams

  • Unlimited rooms and workstations

  • Booking QR codes and smart access control

  • Web app

  • Admin system with detailed analytics

  • Custom branding

  • Custom integrations


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